This blog is dedicated in loving memory of my beautiful Aunt, Jill Helene Smilow (April 27, 1965-July 10, 2015.) May her memory be for a blessing, forever.

Aunt Jill in NYC in the 90's, the coolest person I ever knew
Aunt Jill in NYC in the 90’s, the coolest person I ever knew

Aunt Jill was a beautiful woman inside and out, she epitomized grace, gentleness, and self-respect. She had a full life that was well lived. She laughed every day and sought out the beautiful, fun, and finer things in life and lived to the fullest. I learned so much from her about the importance of positive thinking, of enjoying life’s small pleasures, of laughter and friendship. She helped me blossom into my true self, always accepting me as I was and encouraging me to love and honor myself.

Aunt Jill and Mercy, her adopted dog
Aunt Jill and Mercy, her adopted dog

My Aunt bravely battled breast cancer for 8 years. She traveled, loved, and gave of herself fully throughout her dance with cancer, being the best mother, aunt, daughter, sister, and wife throughout the journey.

This blog is for you, Aunt Jill. You always wanted to open a natural wellness spa where women facing cancer could go to feel beautiful, healthy, and whole again. It was an admirable dream and says so much about who you were. Maybe one day that dream will come true through me, until then I hope this blog will help many people of all walks of life to feel their best every day. May all the positivity that comes from this blog be in your merit. I love you forever. pink-ribbon1